elricmelnibone (elricmelnibone) wrote in bookcommunity,

Question for the community

When did you last buy a book and literally put it in someone's hands and tell them they must read it? What book was it, and why?
On my last first date (the Yorkie, for those of you who know my dating history), we spent an afternoon at a used book store. I bought her a copy of E.L. Doctorow's _The Book of Daniel_ and told her she must read it. She is a medievalist, and wanted to know what all the fuss about "postmodern" was, and which contemporary author I thought was the most interesting and engaging.
I am always tempted to buy copies of that book (used, of course), and just hand them to people. It's an amazing read.
In a similar vein, what was the last book that was handed to you in such a way? I honestly think, for me, it was bestfriend handing me a copy of _The Book of Daniel_, at the same used book store. But I cannot recall.
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