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Welcome to the Book Community. Do you love books? Can you discuss your favourite (and least favourite) books intelligently and with humour? Can you share your suggestions on further reading? Do you enjoy debating the merits of books, no matter how frivolous?

After you join, post your top ten books. These may be novels, collections of short stories, poetry collections, plays, non-fiction books, etc. Your top ten should show your taste and individuality and you should be prepared to explain and defend why you've chosen those particular works. You may be asked by members for a further top five on any theme chosen by accepted members (eg books you re-read, best erotica, most violent works, least-appreciated novels, worst poetry, etc.).

Until you've been accepted, you may only post or comment in the community on your own application.

Themes for challenges:
Books you re-read
Least-appreciated novels
Feminist poetry
Worst science fiction novels/fantasy novels
Books you never want to read again
Most disturbing poetry
Best epic poetry
Plays with the best endings
Novels that have the best film adaptations
Favourite 19th century novels
Guilty pleasures
Best children's books
Best teenagers' books

Challenges are not limited to the above.

There are also 'open mike' posts where visitors are welcome to join in the debate without becoming a member first. These are labelled.